Wolverhampton consolidates acute and community patient records under one Silverlink PAS

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust has recently completed a CCG-mandated restructure, centralising all community and acute patient records on a single Silverlink PAS.

Wolverhampton is one of the largest acute and community providers in the West Midlands. When the Wolverhampton CCG put the Trust in charge of community services in in 2011, it was required to incorporate the community patient records in its existing Silverlink patient administration system. Within a short period of time, 109,000 records were matched and merged, 140,000 clinical documents were transferred, 20,000 records were created and 5,000 new registrations were captured by the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

The Trust was under pressure to effect the restructure quickly and seamlessly as the Wolverlhampton City Primary Care facility’s PAS contract with iPM was due to expire in July. The acute Trust worked with data specialists Stalis to help them meet the deadline in only six months, going live in June.

“Effectively with the close down of the national systems and the expiry of the national contracts, the trust was faced with the position that it had two patient administration systems,” explained Nick Bruce, associate director of ICT at Wolverhampton. “We had this challenge in around six months to implement effectively a massive data migration from the community PAS system into our acute PAS system, and then close that system down.”

Manx Baker, an ICT programme manager at the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, said: “The greatest pressure was simply the time constraints that we had because we had to do this from standing still to completion in six months.”

Nick Bruce was positive about the outcome, saying that, “Given the time frame, the migration has gone very well. I think we’re in a very good position.”