Webinar: How CaptureStroke enabled Royal Cornwall NHS Trust to increase the quality and safety of Stroke care, saved lives and delivered cashable ROI – Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust Case Study

The CaptureStroke webinar will outline what Silverlink’s CaptureStroke software USP’s are and how by implementing at The Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust their Stroke care has improved.

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (RCHT) Stroke team was looking for an interoperable, resilient, real-time and flexible Stroke specific digital pathway solution that could be used by clinical and audit teams to monitor and enhance individual patient care promptly and safely whilst improving and refining the Stroke pathway performance.

CaptureStroke delivers greater visibility of patient care at every point of the Stroke pathway; real-time at the bed-side alerts and dashboards, user defined reports, whole Stroke service overviews irrespective of the patient’s location within the hospital and highlights targets that are being missed and why. It enables easy to upload to SSNAP for national reporting.

RCHT implemented CaptureStroke as it offers mobile, real-time feedback, easy to use dashboards and detailed Trust wide Stroke performance reporting. This means that Stroke care teams can efficiently streamline their integrated workflows and improve the outcome for patients across the whole Stroke pathway, both in Hyper-acute Stroke Units and follow on Stroke services

CaptureStroke integrates with, and compliments, existing Trust systems i.e PAS, EPR etc. and is designed in conjunction with clinicians to be compliant with the NHS RightCare Stroke and Best Practice pathways as well as multiple Stroke audit requirements.

The benefits achieved by implementing CaptureStroke are that it has improved audit compliance and patient care; supported pathway improvement, has saved clinician time and increased their awareness of Stroke specific care.


Angela Single, CCIO and Business Development Director, CaptureStroke – Silverlink software

Jacqui Fahey, Product Manager CaptureStroke – Silverlink software

Ally James, Former Stroke Nurse Consultant Cornwall NHS Hospital Trust – Silverlink software