Silverlink’s CaptureSuite team moves to head office

Silverlink has kicked off the New Year on a positive note by welcoming the Capture Suite team, who now join their PCS colleagues, at Silverlink’s head office in the Cobalt Business Exchange.

The move follows Silverlink’s expansion of their product offering in July 2014 with the addition of the innovative Capture Suite and CancerPlan products.

Commenting on the move, Managing Director of Silverlink, Tim Quainton, said: “The move indicates our commitment to becoming a more united workforce dedicated to further strengthening Silverlink’s portfolio of modular and best-of-breed healthcare IT solutions.”

Capture Products Manager, Rob Dixon, noted that: “The move finalises the integration of the Digital Spark team into the wider Silverlink organisation. Bringing everyone together under one roof will faciliate improved cross team working and knowledge sharing as we look to bring some exciting new features and products to market in the year ahead. We are all dedicated to ensuring our customer base continues to receive the best products, service and support in 2015 and beyond.”