Silverlink talks to future healthcare professionals about going paperless

Yesterday, Silverlink’s Capture Products Manager, Rob Dixon, presented the benefits of going paperless to Health and Social Care students at Newcastle College.

Newcastle College is one of the top performing colleges in the UK and serves over 20,000 learners in Newcastle upon Tyne. The institution offers an array of health and social care courses which are delivered by highly experienced health and social care professionals who provide real insight into the profession.

Silverlink Software was invited to present to the students given their expertise and experience in designing systems in collaboration with clinicians, and in line with NHS best-practice, for over 20 years.

During his presentation, Rob explained how the right technology supports the NHS paperless drive and support the mandates motivator of better patient outcomes. Referencing Silverlink’s PCS,  Rob illustrated how these systems offer insights throughout care pathways and provide end-to-end support for the whole administrative cycle. He went on to explain that fundamental to any system, should be its ability to support clinical processes and interoperability with Trust’s existing systems, such as an EPR solution.

“We have to allow clinicians and managers the freedom to choose the clinical applications that best support their needs when delivering patient care. By going paperless, we’re opening up numerous opportunities to improve services and patient outcomes in a manner that is led by clinicians and guided by the data they have access to when using those systems,” Rob said when addressing students.

When commenting on the opportunity to present to students Rob said: “I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the minds of tomorrow about the importance of a migrating to a paperless health system, the efficiency gains and benefits to the patient. The feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive and we always welcome the opportunity to contribute where ever we can to realising an optimal, modern health service. Silverlink is committed to a paperless NHS and our products reiterate that commitment by constant design and development to support a changing NHS.”