Silverlink Software launch eLearning solution for PCS PAS

Silverlink Software, the leading specialist Patient Administration System (PAS) provider to the NHS, has launched an online training platform for its PCS PAS. The new offering will support customers across more than 50 NHS hospitals and health centres by providing them with access to video tutorials and courses without the need for face-to-face interaction, helping Silverlink to maintain the high-quality training it provides, during the pandemic and beyond.

Following user testing at a number of NHS Trusts, the new eLearning solution will be hosted by an NHS-approved digital learning platform that is already being used by all PCS user-sites. This will ensure that staff wanting to access Silverlink’s training materials will be able to do so, without the need for additional login credentials.

Work on eLearning began in 2019, well before the pandemic, but the technology has been progressed over the past few months with the demand for non-face-to-face interactions at an all-time high. Since partnering with Health Education England, Silverlink has adapted the training to include COVID–specific questions and training resource.

Tim Quainton, Managing Director, Silverlink Software, said: “We are delighted to launch our eLearning training solution so that our customers have access online training tutorials as and when they need them, thus ensuring that we are able to maintain the high-quality training we provide, not only during the pandemic but well into the future as the demand for digital services continues to grow.

“We are also pleased to partnering with an NHS approved digital learning platform provider. After discussions with our user-group, we learned that each of the 12 acute trusts we work with already use the chosen platform, meaning that they will be able to access eLearning without additional logins or hassle.”

For more information about Silverlink Software’s eLearning platform, please contact: Gaynor Imrie (