Silverlink partners with ACUBase ahead of new HFEA requirements

Silverlink Software Limited (“Silverlink”), an industry leader in interoperability and data capture solutions, is working in partnership with ACUBase to provide ACUBase users with the next generation CaptureFertility upload mechanism that will ensure fertility services continue to comply with the HFEA’s new data submission requirements.

It is envisaged that the updated HFEA EDI Interface, from CaptureFertility,  is the  first step in providing ACUBase users with a future proof system upgrade, expanding on over 20 years’ of domain expertise in fertility management solutions. CaptureFertility is a next generation solution to clinics looking to leverage clinical and management data simultaneously for improved outcomes. The new HFEA EDI upload mechanism will mean that ACUBase users will be able to comply with the new  HFEA data collection and submission requirements seamlessly ahead of the changes expected later this year.

ACUBase is an integrated management solution for fertility clinics and assisted conception units. ACUBase users have been able to meet submission requirements that are fully compliant with HFEA, however, in the wake of HFEA’s new submission requirements the ACUBase and CaptureFertility teams are collaborating to make available CaptureFertility’s HFEA EDI interface to ACUBase users. The interface will make data submission seamless and enable compliance with the new data regulations.

“I am excited to be working with Silverlink to further enhance their CaptureFertility product which will ultimately provide an upgrade to replace ACUBase as well as contain much additional functionality within a future proof software environment,” said ACUBase system creator, Nick Pulsford.

Silverlink is the fourth largest PAS supplier in the UK and has been delivering solutions to the NHS for over 20 years. The company’s most recent offering, CaptureFertility, is a specialist system that was designed in collaboration with fertility expert Professor Alison Murdoch of the Newcastle Fertility Clinic.

Having recently showcased CaptureFertility at the annual Joint Fertility Conference earlier this year, Silverlink was able to demonstrate how the system streamlines data management to facilitate scientifically-supported treatment decisions, more accurate cost predictions, and helps clinics move towards paperless and mobile operations, as mandated by the NHS.

“ACUBase has a proven track record of helping fertility clinics run efficiently, and working together to incorporate ACUBase functionality into CaptureFertility will result in a best-of-breed solution that is comprehensive, tailored to the fertility speciality, user-friendly and HFEA compatible,” said Capture Product Manager at Silverlink, Rob Dixon.