Silverlink partner HealthMotive wins Mayden deal

Silverlink partner, HealthMotive, has entered into a contract with Mayden to incorporate HealthMotive’s innovative Spine Messaging Handler (SMH) product into Mayden’s product offering.

The SMSP service is based on IP licenced from Silverlink, and allows customers to quickly and securely access patient demographic information and NHS numbers from the NHS Spine without organisations having to be individually accredited. This agreement is the largest contract to date involving this type of specialist Personal Demographics Service (PDS) integration software, with Mayden’s IAPTus product alone serving over 90 Health Trusts.

Mayden chose to enter into a contract with HealthMotive for two main reasons: lower costs and greater flexibility in terms of both the technical solution and the licensing options. Operations Director at Mayden, Chris Eldridge, explains ”HealthMotive offered us the flexibility we need to ensure that we can build SMH into our range of existing products, and gives us confidence that we can add value to future Mayden systems by making this option available to new clients.”

HealthMotive is currently developing their SMH product offering by incorporating two further SMSP extensions  to allow customers to query other national databases such as the Child Protection-Information Sharing Project (CP-IS) and the Summary Care Record. According to HealthMotive Director, Paul Richardson “these further extensions will underpin SMH’s credentials as the ‘Swiss army knife’ of Spine connectivity; an indispensable tool for any healthcare system vendor.”

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