Silverlink collaborates with Kodit to integrate GS1 standards

Silverlink Collaborates with Kodit to Integrate GS1 Standards

Silverlink Software, a leading PAS solution provider to the NHS, has completed a collaboration project with Kodit Database to develop and integrate GS1 standards into its PAS system.

Through a jointly developed Dynamic Link Library (.dll) users of Silverlink’s solutions – PAS Community, PAS Acute and Mental Health – can create GS1 complaint documents and labels for instant identification, traceability and data synchronisation.

Managing Director of Silverlink, Tim Quainton, had the following to say regarding the collaboration and implementation of GS1: “The process of working with Kodit to integrate the solution was extremely quick and easy and we are now delighted to be able to offer GS1 compliance to our user base.”

Managing Director of Kodit, Craig Story, also expressed his enthusiasm on working with Silverlink: “We are very pleased to have partnered with Silverlink on this project, and the ease of implementation exceeded even our expectations.”

About Kodit

Kodit Database Limited is a GS1 certified solution provider for all aspects of GS1 coding for GS1 patient wristbands and compliance for medical device label printing.  Since 1992 Kodit has created intelligent mobile data collection and verification solutions in the areas of Healthcare, Asset Maintenance, Asset Lifecycle Management and Emergency Response Management.

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About Silverlink

Silverlink has over 20 years of development experience dealing with the NHS, which gives them a deep understanding of its processes and requirements allowing them to promptly offer practical solutions to new initiatives. There is also continuous investment in their product development to meet the needs of the UK market and the NHS while improving existing functionality.