Silverlink CDA Discharge Document Adapter receives ITK accreditation

Silverlink Software’s Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) Discharge Document Adapter is now Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) accredited to demonstrate its conformance to relevant technical specifications and standards.

The Silverlink CDA Adapter was initially developed by the Silverlink Mental Health team to enable mental health sites to generate and distribute inpatient discharge summaries among other healthcare providers. The CDA adapter enables best practice at sites using standard clinical records that can produce electronic summaries containing key information such as the patient’s address, medication summary, details of the care delivered and clinical diagnosis. The electronic discharge summary can be sent to GP practices or any other healthcare providers to ensure the patient’s continuity of care.

“Silverlink’s Discharge Correspondence CDA Adapter is our latest product to gain ITK certification. While the Silverlink CDA ITK adapter was initially developed with Mental Health in mind, it can be leveraged by any of our other PCS PAS or Capture products to create standardised discharge summary documents that can be exchanged with other systems,” said Silverlink Mental Health Product Manager at Silverlink, Ana Guimaraes.

“Several of Silverlink’s products are already ITK certified, reinforcing our commitment to ensure all of our products form the building blocks of interoperability for any healthcare provider, so we are delighted that another product has been ITK accredited. This is an important step towards delivering a paperless NHS to ensure improved efficiency and care,” concluded Ana.