Silverlink Ambulance Service Gateway featured in AHSN NENC case study

The Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria (AHSN NENC) has published a summary case study on the Silverlink Ambulance Service Gateway project. 

The AHSN NENC is part of a national network of 15 AHSNs that have been set up across the country by the Department of Health to identify, adopt and disseminate innovative healthcare in the NHS.

The AHSN NENC case study demonstrates how the Silverlink Ambulance Service Gateway saves time and reduces the risk of duplication of data entry and re-keying errors that could impact on data quality and patient care.

The Silverlink Ambulance Service Gateway was developed through a partnership between Silverlink Software and the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) to enable the automatic two-way flow of data between the ambulance service and the hospital for patients admitted with suspected stroke. The aim of the project was to enable data collection that can be used for research in the pre-hospital setting and to be as unobtrusive to paramedics and patients as possible. In an article on the AHSN NENC website, the company has indicated their ambition to lead a national consensus for efficient pre-hospital research governance standards through the development of innovative data capture processes.

The new solution feeds the patient data into Silverlink’s intelligent data collection and care performance monitoring solution, CaptureStroke, a system which allows clinicians to record data related to patients with suspected strokes and tracks the patient’s journey from initial ambulance pick up, to discharge, and on to hospital follow-up appointments and community care.

You can read the complete Creating Automated Data Flow between Ambulance Services and Hospitals case study here.