Silverlink accepted onto the Crown Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework

Silverlink Software has been successfully accepted on to the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework. This provides a new way for Silverlink to supply bespoke services to potential public sector buyers, in particular healthcare providers, on the Digital Marketplace.

The Digital Marketplace is a service that allows all public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, to find and buy cloud-based services, specialists who can work on digital projects and physical data centre space.

In February 2016 the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework replaced the Digital Services 2 framework. The new framework sits alongside G-Cloud and Crown Hosting in the Digital Marketplace, and is broken down into four separate categories of service: Digital outcomes; Digital specialists; User research studios; and User research participants.

Silverlink has submitted an application to supply digital outcomes – providing teams with resources to build and support a digital service; and digital specialists – providing individual specialists to work on a service, programme or project.

On being accepted onto the CCS Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework contract, Silverlink Managing Director, Tim Quainton, said: “We are delighted that Silverlink is now able to offer technical services through the CCS Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework. By supplying our specialised resources through this framework we’ll be able to reduce the time and costs traditionally associated with procurement and engage with our customer base more easily. We look forward to further engaging with public sector healthcare providers, including NHS organisations.”