Last Thursday a friend of mine had a stroke

Last Thursday a friend of mine had a major stroke at work. Whilst she has other health problems, as a female in her 40’s it was totally unexpected and left all her friends shocked, reeling and concerned.

As she was at work in a different county than she lives in, when she arrived at the local hospital, after assessment she was blue lighted to a major tertiary centre as per their local stroke pathway and underwent an emergency medical thrombectomy.  She had a dense stroke, which affected her speech, her ability to stand and the use of her left side.

24 hours post stroke and procedure, when her friends visited she was able to speak, stand with help and was her usual Strictly Dancing fanatical self!

At 72 hours post stroke she was transferred back to her local hospital, where she would have been admitted to if she had not been at work, she is now starting her rehabilitation with a view to being discharged back into the community shortly.

A friend having a Stroke just makes me more determined to offer our proven stroke care enhancing software to more Acute Trusts.

This is for two reasons, firstly the tertiary centre has a SSNAP banding of A and her local NHS Trust is a D. There may be a range of reasons for this poorer performance but we can offer a tool called  CaptureStroke to support Stroke teams to being able to improve their stroke care even when they do not offer Medical Thrombectomy but they are resistant to implement a digital solution to enable better performance as they have other more pressing IT needs!

Secondly with the re-configuration of stroke services, patient’s will be admitted to one NHS Trust and then continue their care in another, a hub and spoke type care pathway model.

Without a Digital Stroke pathway tool, a patient’s Stroke interventions will not be captured in one place but instead on several different EHR and PAS systems meaning that that there will not be one version of truth or complete record of the stroke interventions they have received at every stage of the pathway. Again, this is where CaptureStroke comes into its own. It complements and enhances current EHR and PAS systems as well as supporting the collection of accurate and timely SSNAP data.

As cloud based, stroke specific software, irrespective of where the patient’s stroke interventions take place (from the ambulance, acute care and community) they can be captured in one digital record in real time.

CaptureStroke is also able to offer regional stroke dashboards (provided that all the Acute Hospitals in the STP have adopted CaptureStroke) so there is the ability to see an STP wide view of stroke services and any variant in patient care. To find out how to implement CaptureStroke or for more information click here.

I’m so delighted my friend is starting her rehab and she was in the best place to receive the care that enabled it.

Note: Some details have been changed to ensure patient confidentiality, but the stroke details, care and timings are true.