Interoperability thinking improves care at Walton Centre NHS Trust

Justin Griffiths, Head of IM&T at the Walton Centre NHS Trust, speaks with Diginomica about interoperability and digital transformation, describing Silverlink Software’s PCS patient administration system as the “architectural foundation” for adopting and integrating best-of-breed technologies.

Interoperability has become a much-used and meaningful word in healthcare in recent years, in particular in the UK, even if there have been some outrageous claims made for it. But it is the case that digitization of the publicly-funded NHS has been an ongoing agenda item.

With the announcement of Sustainable and Transformation Partnerships (STP) in 2016, the UK found itself once again bringing NHS trusts, local government and social services together, connected by access to information and technology. The 44 STPs bring these organizations together to jointly decide on the future of health and care systems to be used in their region under a five-year plan reaching 2025.

The British Medical Association (BMA) backed the introduction of STPs by the Conservative government, but with reservations on the “enormous pressure on STPs to deliver savings…plans were focused on finances, not care.”  

As Head of IM&T at The Walton Centre Foundation NHS Trust in Liverpool since 2001, Justin Griffiths has been through the full gamut of NHS technology-led policies, but as a highly specialist care provider, interoperability has been at the centre of Griffiths’ strategy, as it is the STPs. Underpinned by a Patient Administration System (PAS), the Walton Centre… (continues on Diginomica)