Increase your SSNAP performance with CaptureStroke

CaptureStroke - SilverlinkSilverlink Software’s CaptureStroke system has long been providing Trusts with a method of recording their data in a timely manner, and of using real-time insights into this data to empower their Stroke service to increase performance and enhance patient care.

This has never been more evident than in the latest publicly shared results of the Royal College of Physician’s SSNAP audit, where two sites using CaptureStroke have increased their overall grading by two bands, one site moving from Band E to Band C, and another from Band D to Band B. With the audit domains examining areas across the Stroke pathway, for Trusts to improve by such a margin is evidence of improved performance across many different care areas, as well the benefits of having a single point of data collection and analysis, and a simple way of providing verified, timely data to the SSNAP team.

If you would like to know more about how CaptureStroke can assist your Trust to increase SSNAP performance, while delivering powerful insights and improving service delivery, please visit our product website at or email for more information.