Hillingdon Trust leverages Silverlink’s interoperability to design a custom app for increased agility and efficiency

Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has connected more than 40 disparate systems across the Trust into a single mobile app. By embracing a best-of-breed approach, Hillingdon’s app offers more than 1500 users a streamlined, easy-to-use interface to effectively coordinate patient care.  

Leading the way for other Trusts to design a digital ecosystem that addresses the complex needs of an individual Trust, Hillingdon has harnessed the power of Silverlink’s interoperability and PAS system to create a robust solution that effectively pulls together over 40 disparate systems onto one interface.

The five-year project was driven by insufficient resources to purchase a stand-alone EPR. Without the option of an expensive overhaul, the Trust’s in-house IT team had to explore other ways to achieve EPR functionality.  By using existing resources, Hillingdon Hospitals has been able to deploy the app at a cost of just over £600,000 spanning the entire length of the project.

“You can spend $7.4 million [£5.8 million] to achieve something similar to what we have here,” said Matthew Kybert, Head of Systems at Hillingdon. “Our strategy is a best of breed approach. We are not looking to replace functionality that exists, we are looking to enhance it and make it available to everyone.”

Silverlink PCS PAS, used by Hillingdon as the back bone of their best of breed EPR strategy, is a leading PAS system to the NHS in England. Encompassing a rich and robust offering of comprehensive PAS functionality and modules, it is a highly interoperable platform allowing a Trust to adopt other solutions that work for them. The PAS is easy to deploy, manage and maintain, is compliant with Choose-and-Book and the Patient Demographic Service (PDS), and supports an extensive list of inbound and outbound HL7 messages. Over the years the functionality off the PCS modules has improved and evolved, expanding to deal with clinical protocols, data mining and business intelligence (BI).

At Hillingdon, more than 8,000 documents are viewed by as many as 1,500 users each month, along with another 50,000 transactions from viewing patient history to creating outpatient letters, and because the system is updated regularly, the IT team can rapidly implement configuration changes requested by users.

As a result of Hillingdon’s best-of-breed strategy, clinicians have access to critical patient information at all times and are able to interact electronically with GPs, nurses and other stakeholders to provide a more efficient, better quality service.