The UK’s leading digital clinical pathway software for stroke care.

CatureStroke empowers stroke teams to unlock intelligence and insights to improve patient outcomes, team engagement, service design and delivery. Our market-leading software allows clinicians to capture, monitor and review all 10 domains of SSNAP-related clinical data in good-time – on the move, right across the entire stroke patient pathway, from pre-hospital to community rehabilitation.

Facilitating Excellence

CaptureStroke facilitates excellence in stroke care by providing reliable and timely analytics and care alerts for local clinical review. The mobile and tablet-friendly software is proven to improve patient outcomes by ensuring that strokes are identified sooner, allowing clinicians to deliver better, more-timely, evidence-based stroke care.

  • Adheres to evidence-based standards as well as national and local stroke audit requirements
  • Reports can be tailored to meet locally required performance requirements

CaptureStroke is proven to improve performance across five key areas:

  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Identifies variances in patient care to eliminate inconsistencies
  • Improves your SSNAP Score
  • Provides better patient journey and experience
  • Ensures all strokes irrespective of SSNAP eligibility receive equitable care
  • Improves workflows
  • Enables data-led decisions on workforce skills and recruitment
  • Informs your workforce with data so that they understand the changes that need to be made
  • Ensures full SSNAP audit compliance
  • Applies wider-organisational metrics to ensure standards are being met for each interaction
  • Provides visibility of performance and results to your team
  • Increases productivity and reduces duplication
  • Right-size your bed provision and staffing levels
  • Reduces potential litigation claims
  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery
  • Leveraging and evidencing Best Practice Tariff Income
  • Reduces resource and time required to generate Clinical Audit data
  • Improves data quality
  • Supports organisational focus on stroke care improvement
  • Provides visibility of all stroke patients to the entire team - ensuring timely intervention
  • Allows evidence-based decision making to improve care and service provision
  • Allows recognition of your work and results

Effective Integration

CaptureStroke integrates with existing hospital electronic record systems, to support the successful delivery of a best-of-breed approach to digital transformation. Complete with intuitive, user-friendly dashboards, users can be fully trained and benefitting from the new software within days of implementation.

  • Complements and integrates with a wide range of EPR and PAS systems
  • Allows clinicians to capture monitor and review key performance indicators with ease leading to an increase in tariff performance and improved patient outcomes
  • Allows teams to monitor key performance indicators such as the Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme (SSNAP) Software and IT Services (SITS) Addiction Severity Index (ASI) and the Clinical Commissioning Group Outcomes Indicator Set (CCG OIS)
  • Enables stroke units to maximise their Best Practice Tariff income

CaptureStroke Capabilities:

  • Role-based user-interfaces
  • Quicker access to discharge letters and summaries
  • Receive notifications by SMS and e-mail of performance targets about to breach and the ability to customise these locally
  • Excel integration via OData
  • Document Management and Exception Reporting
  • SSNAP, SITS and custom data collection and upload
  • Configure data collection to align to processes
  • Generate built-in reports and export data for custom analysis
  • Accessible from any device with a trusted network connection

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