CaptureStroke streamlines stroke care in the East of England

Silverlink’s CaptureStroke is the data collection and care performance monitoring solution of choice for the majority of East of England stroke NHS Trusts. The solution is live at a number of sites across the region and has become an integral tool for clinicians to make informed decisions and give service managers a comprehensive understanding of the care that’s being delivered.

The heightened focus on stroke care is propelled by an increase in stroke cases around the country. According to the UK Stroke Association: stroke is the fourth single largest cause of death in the UK; occurring approximately 152,000 times a year. There are currently around 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK, half of which have a disability.

Silverlink’s suite of products for stroke care – CaptureStroke, CaptureTIA and CaptureTherapy – supports point-of-care data collection and notifies clinicians of performance and key-care interventions in real-time to deliver valuable insights that improve the quality of stroke, reduce recovery times and improve the patient experience.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) have recognised the benefits of using CaptureStroke given CaptureStroke’s ability to generate high-quality and insightful data beyond the minimum audit requirements. Trusts can use this information to transform stroke care services and deliver more coordinated, sustainable and patient-centred stroke care.

CaptureStroke enables Trusts to manage the increasingly high volume of patients on the full stroke care pathway by allowing clinicians to find out what’s happening with a patient from the moment they are picked up by ambulance to when they complete their rehabilitation in the community. Clinicians can view progress, generate real-time dashboards and reports, as and when they require them – all from one place.

CaptureStroke is also supporting service managers by ensuring that every discipline across the stroke care pathway has entered their relevant SSNAP data and is achieving their care targets. Managers can review service configuration and monitor outcomes to affect positive change.

“Our customers in the East of England are using CaptureStroke to deliver best-practice and improved outcomes. Ultimately, it’s helping to increase the chances of survival and recovery for patients who have suffered from a serious illness,” said Silverlink Capture Products Manager, Rob Dixon.

“Having a real-time, digital history for the patient also reduces reliance on paper notes which can cause delays and is prone to error. We’re focussed on supporting those on the ground by providing them the high-quality tools they need whilst increasing the security and accuracy of patient data,” continued Rob.

CaptureStroke also enables data collection at the point of care and has specialist modules designed to be used by multi-disciplinary teams across the pathway. The solution is fully ITK accredited meaning that is seamlessly integrates with other authoritative Trust systems and automatically collates data to satisfy the requirements of multiple stroke audits including: SSNAP, SITS, ASI, and AQuA.

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About Silverlink

Silverlink has over 20 years of development experience dealing with the NHS, which gives them a deep understanding of its processes and requirements allowing them to promptly offer practical solutions to new initiatives. There is also continuous investment in their product development to meet the needs of the UK market and the NHS while improving existing functionality.