CaptureStroke featured in NHE Magazine

Silverlink’s premier stoke care solution, CaptureStroke, was recently featured in a National Health Executive (NHE) Magazine article about how Trusts across the country have effectively implemented the solution to streamline and digitise their stroke care pathways, achieve targets and monitor performance, while simultaneously cutting down on admin costs and ensuring patient safety and data security.

“In 3 short years since it was first released, CaptureStroke has been implemented at over 50 hospitals across the country. Trusts from Newcastle upon Tyne to Cornwall have recognised that CaptureStroke’s interoperable capabilities and end-to-end support for the stroke care pathway not only provides tools to capture and manage information, but also to improve care and deliver measurable benefits.

Crucial to CaptureStroke’s success has been its ability to help Trusts meet key targets. Whether it’s taking another step towards paperless care or ensuring SSNAP targets and local standards are met (for Best Practice Tariffs), a typical Acute Trust can achieve a return on their investment in CaptureStroke in under 12 months by managing as little as a 5% improvement in their target attainment with the solution.”

To read the full article, you can download the PDF here.

The article was originally published in NHE Magazine, Sep/Oct 2014 vol 8 no 3.

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