CancerPlan featured in NHE Magazine

Silverlink’s comprehensive management system, CancerPlan, was recently featured in a National Health Executive (NHE) Magazine article that focused on how such a robust and specialist solution could provide support across all cancer care specialities due to its specific data collection capabilities, interoperable functionalities and adherence to target requirements.

“If services are going to be able to deliver above and beyond the current KPIs to meet these ever more demanding targets – from referral and results waiting times to a paperless NHS by 2018 – cancer organisations and clinical teams will need support from robust and specialist software to manage the expansion in information about patients and treatment that will follow.

These systems will need to be carefully tailored to focus on three key aspects: a) capturing multi-disciplinary information from initial diagnosis right through to treatment and follow-up in an intuitive manner; b) providing clinicians and managers with instant access to patient dashboards and analytics at multiple levels of granularity in order to make better informed medical decisions; and c) measuring impact on patients’ experiences and outcomes as well as adherence to NHS guidelines to ensure progress can be monitored and best practice is followed. “

To read the full article, you can download the PDF here.

The article was originally published in NHE Magazine, Volume 8, No. 4. Nov/Dec 2014.

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