Alcidion acquires Patient Administration System (PAS) provider, Silverlink Software

Alcidion – provider of the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) platform Miya Precision – has today (7 December, 2021) acquired Silverlink PCS Software Limited (Silverlink). The acquisition provides Alcidion with Patient Administration System (PAS) capabilities to complement its existing clinical capabilities in Miya Precision and represents a significant statement of intent in the EPR sector. The combination of the two products  alongside their network of partners will give Alcidion the capabilities to deliver a cloud-native, modern and modular Electronic Patient Record (EPR/EMR) system to the NHS. 

NHSX have outlined that EPR systems are the building blocks of good digital healthcare. Alcidion will now be a key player in positively improving what is available to NHS trusts, helping individual providers and Integrated Care Systems (ICS) improve their digital maturity.

Kate Quirke, Alcidion Group Managing Director said: “This acquisition is very exciting and aligns with our overall intention to enhance the services we can offer the NHS. We welcome the Silverlink team who together with our own senior leadership team have decades of product development and implementation experience in PAS. These skills and experience make this partnership a perfect fit.”

Lynette Ousby, UK Managing Director added: “We are excited to bring on board the experience and technology of the Silverlink team, which complements the work we have been doing at Alcidion with our Miya Precision platform. We believe that together we have a modern and compelling solution that delivers something different to the NHS. Our approach of separating data and application layers allows us to deliver an open, modular and flexible EPR ecosystem that can be easily configured to the specific needs of each trust. This further signals our intent to bring a compelling alternative to how trusts and ICS’ accelerate their digital maturity.”

About Alcidion

Alcidion Group Limited (Alcidion) has a simple purpose, that is, to transform healthcare with proactive, smart, intuitive technology solutions that improve the efficiency and quality of patient care in healthcare organisations, worldwide.

Alcidion offers a complementary set of software products and technical services that create a unique offering in the global healthcare market. Based on the flagship product, Miya Precision, the solutions aggregate meaningful information to centralised dashboards, support interoperability, facilitate communication and task management in clinical and operational settings and deliver Clinical Decision Support at the point of care; all in support of Alcidion’s mission to improve patient outcomes.

Since listing on the ASX in 2011, Alcidion has acquired multiple healthcare IT companies and expanded its foothold in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand to now service over 300 hospitals and 60 healthcare organisations, with further geographical expansion planned.

With over 20 years of healthcare experience, Alcidion brings together the very best in technology and market knowledge to deliver solutions that make healthcare better for everyone.