Silverlink partner HealthMotive wins Mayden deal

Silverlink partner, HealthMotive, has entered into a contract with Mayden to incorporate HealthMotive’s innovative Spine Messaging Handler (SMH) product into Mayden’s product offering.

The SMSP service is based on IP licenced from Silverlink, and allows customers to quickly and securely access patient demographic information and NHS numbers from the NHS Spine without organisations having to be individually accredited. This agreement is the largest contract to date involving this type of specialist Personal Demographics Service (PDS) integration software, with Mayden’s IAPTus product alone serving over 90 Health Trusts.

Mayden chose to enter into a contract with HealthMotive for two main reasons: lower costs and greater flexibility in terms of both the technical solution and the licensing options. Operations Director at Mayden, Chris Eldridge, explains ”HealthMotive offered us the flexibility we need to ensure that we can build SMH into our range of existing products, and gives us confidence that we can add value to future Mayden systems by making this option available to new clients.”

HealthMotive is currently developing their SMH product offering by incorporating two further SMSP extensions  to allow customers to query other national databases such as the Child Protection-Information Sharing Project (CP-IS) and the Summary Care Record. According to HealthMotive Director, Paul Richardson “these further extensions will underpin SMH’s credentials as the ‘Swiss army knife’ of Spine connectivity; an indispensable tool for any healthcare system vendor.”

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Silverlink acquires Digital Spark assets

Silverlink Software today announced it has acquired the assets of Newcastle-upon-Tyne based health software developer Digital Spark Ltd.

Silverlink will work closely with the Digital Spark team and their customers to ensure “business as usual” while the integration takes place.

Silverlink will continue to develop and sell Digital Spark’s products which both widen and strengthen the Silverlink portfolio of solutions available to the UK healthcare market.

Commenting on the acquisition, Silverlink Managing Director, Tim Quainton said: “The acquisition is an opportunity to extend Silverlink’s healthcare IT strategy of providing modular, best-of-breed systems with Digital Sparks clinically-superior functionality. We are integrating the Digital Spark team into Silverlink  to ensure  the customer base receive full support and maintenance during the transition.”

About Silverlink

Silverlink has over 20 years of development experience dealing with the NHS and currently has a near 10% share of the English NHS Acute PAS market, which gives Silverlink a deep understanding of NHS processes and requirements enabling the company to promptly offer practical solutions to new regulations and initiatives. There is also continuous investment into Silverlink’s product development to meet the needs of the UK market and the NHS while improving existing functionality.

Silverlink collaborates with Kodit to integrate GS1 standards

Silverlink Collaborates with Kodit to Integrate GS1 Standards

Silverlink Software, a leading PAS solution provider to the NHS, has completed a collaboration project with Kodit Database to develop and integrate GS1 standards into its PAS system.

Through a jointly developed Dynamic Link Library (.dll) users of Silverlink’s solutions – PAS Community, PAS Acute and Mental Health – can create GS1 complaint documents and labels for instant identification, traceability and data synchronisation.

Managing Director of Silverlink, Tim Quainton, had the following to say regarding the collaboration and implementation of GS1: “The process of working with Kodit to integrate the solution was extremely quick and easy and we are now delighted to be able to offer GS1 compliance to our user base.”

Managing Director of Kodit, Craig Story, also expressed his enthusiasm on working with Silverlink: “We are very pleased to have partnered with Silverlink on this project, and the ease of implementation exceeded even our expectations.”

About Kodit

Kodit Database Limited is a GS1 certified solution provider for all aspects of GS1 coding for GS1 patient wristbands and compliance for medical device label printing.  Since 1992 Kodit has created intelligent mobile data collection and verification solutions in the areas of Healthcare, Asset Maintenance, Asset Lifecycle Management and Emergency Response Management.

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About Silverlink

Silverlink has over 20 years of development experience dealing with the NHS, which gives them a deep understanding of its processes and requirements allowing them to promptly offer practical solutions to new initiatives. There is also continuous investment in their product development to meet the needs of the UK market and the NHS while improving existing functionality.

HealthMotive’s SMH allows secure, easy access to the Spine

Spine Messaging Handler (SMH) is an innovative messaging product developed by HealthMotive for healthcare solution providers looking for easy, swift and secure access to patient demographic information and NHS numbers from the Spine.

SMH is a flexible off-the-shelf solution that enables any system to communicate with the NHS’ Personal Demographics Service (PDS). SMH was recently accredited as an ITK-compliant Spine Mini Services Provider (SMSP) by the Health and Social Care Information Centre; allowing organisations which use it to bypass the need for accreditation of their own systems.

SMH’s cross-platform architecture allows for easy deployment, low maintenance, and long term use. The product offers: batch or real-time access to Spine data; use with either an embedded or external database; cloud-hosted or locally deployed options; low resource requirements; and per-transaction or per-installation licencing models. In addition, SMH is the first SMSP accredited for multi-tenanted use, meaning that multiple organisations can use a single instance.

HealthMotive Director, Mr Paul Richardson, stated that “SMH is the first specialised standalone NHS Spine messaging system that’s orientated towards healthcare solution providers. The solution can be easily deployed into any system, and is very low maintenance.”

HealthMotive not only offers easy deployment but also great tech support. SMH is developer friendly and has drop-in client libraries that support Java, PHP and .Net. An online instance of SMH is already available for developers to test configurations and HealthMotive plans to launch an online developer portal in the near future. HealthMotive also actively provides ongoing training and support to solution providers.

Mr Richardson noted that “the combination of our client libraries and being able to access a test instance of SMH online make it extremely easy to integrate any system with PDS – all that’s required are two lines of code.”

In 2011, building on an already successful relationship with Silverlink, HealthMotive licensed the rights to certain elements of SMH’s IP from Silverlink Software Ltd and has added two significant capabilities to produce a universal, off-the-shelf solution: an SMSP interface and support for the electronic transfer of prescriptions messaging (ETP). Mr Richardson explained; “the best way to put it is that while the solution has a heritage with Silverlink, HealthMotive has really taken the technology forward as an independent value-added-reseller.”

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About HealthMotive

HealthMotive is a healthcare solutions company that focuses on providing the tools for other healthcare systems companies, e.g. PAS vendors, to connect to the NHS Spine. Their Spine Message Handler product is a mature, cross-platform component that is used for Choose and Book, PDS, electronic prescriptions and pathology messaging. HealthMotive consists of highly experienced healthcare informatics professionals that are trained to cater for all business or clinical needs.

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SMH is based on IP licensed from Silverlink Software Ltd.

Silverlink and CommonTime partner to mobilise healthcare

London, UK March 21, 2014 – Silverlink Software, a leading solution provider to the NHS, has formed a strategic partnership with CommonTime to create mobile applications for use with their PCS (PAS) and Mental Health solutions.

Significant changes within the NHS mean that clinicians require access to patient information in an ever increasing number of locations.  Organisational changes mean that information needs to be shared across previously distinct organisational boundaries.  Both of these changes mean that clinicians and administrators need to be able to view all relevant information from multiple locations.

Silverlink’s new mobile solution will address these requirements by providing tools to capture, manage and submit information from any location using a standard smartphone or tablet.  There are currently over 5,000 users of Silverlink’s systems working in the field and the new mobile functionality will drive significant improvements in both patient care and operational efficiency.

The solution is currently being developed in conjunction with three existing customers.  The new application will allow field workers to access patient details & alerts, wellbeing plans, notes, staff caseloads and a range of other information at the point of need.  The solution will work intelligently off-line and information will be synced directly with Silverlink’s core solutions through CommonTime’s mDesign technology.

The solution complies with all NHS requirements for information governance; meaning that patient data is encrypted and stored safely at all times.

Silverlink chose CommonTime’s platform for their mobility requirements based on the ease with which new functionality can be built with mDesign. The process-driven, ‘drag and drop’ development architecture of the platform along with CommonTime’s proven experience with enterprise-scale integration in other industries made them an ideal partner. In addition to providing the training needed for Silverlink to use the mDesign tools, CommonTime are also working alongside them to further advance and develop the system’s scalability for large healthcare organisations.

On announcing the strategic partnership, Silverlink’s Managing Director, Tim Quainton, noted: “The changes in the NHS and the emergence of highly sophisticated mobile technologies make it the right time for a significant investment in our products to support mobile working.  Our approach will allow both our acute and mental health users to access the information they need where ever they are working through a single mobile interface.  This will both improve the patient experience and increase the operational effectiveness of mobile staff.”

Healthcare Consultant at CommonTime, Steve Carvell, expressed his excitement about the new partnership’s potential by stating: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with an established healthcare vendor such as Silverlink Software. It’s great to see how the knowledge and experience that we’ve gained from other large organisations can be applied to the healthcare sector through the work that Silverlink are doing. Silverlink is one of a growing number of software partners who are now taking the mDesign platform themselves and using it to create apps for mobilising their own product set. We fully support Silverlink’s desire to focus on developing the usability and functionality of their core healthcare solutions and mobilising them in partnership with ourselves.”

About Silverlink

Silverlink has over 20 years of development experience dealing with the NHS, which gives them a deep understanding of its processes and requirements allowing them to promptly offer practical solutions to new initiatives. There is also continuous investment in their product development to meet the needs of the UK market and the NHS while improving existing functionality. For more information visit:

About CommonTime

CommonTime offer an innovative mobile app development platform, called mDesign, which enables organisations to make, mobilise and manage a huge range of mobile applications for any clinical or operational process. For more information visit:

Ealing Hospital goes live with Silverlink PAS

Ealing Hospital and North West London Hospitals NHS Trusts have joined their Silverlink patient administration systems ahead of their planned merger, due to take place in July and following the development of an IT strategy to standardize and integrate their IT systems. Read the full press release here.

Northumbria live with Silverlink PAS

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has gone live with its Silverlink patient administration system. The system was deployed at the beginning of 2014 and replaces the trust’s legacy McKesson Totalcare PAS, which has been in use for 17 years. Read the full press release here.

Dorset County Hospitals have now gone live with PDS birth notifications system.

Dorset County Hospitals have gone live with PDS birth notifications replacing the existing NN4B link. PCS is one of only two PAS/Maternity systems to implement these messages. Following the HSCIC deployment verification phase the remaining maternity sites will be updated in 2014.