Silverlink to attend East of England Stroke Forum

Silverlink will be attending the East of England Stroke Forum on Thursday 12th of March at the Rowley Mile Conference Centre in Newmarket.

The eighth annual forum will host both a conference to provide information on stroke, share good practice and to facilitate networking amongst health professionals, and a separate carers’ conference to provide information, advice and support to anyone who finds themselves in the role of caring for a stroke survivor.

On Silverlink’s attendance at this year’s forum, Silverlink Managing Director, Tim Quainton, said: “We are looking forward to sharing our best-practice stroke care pathway solution, CaptureStroke, with other East of England Stroke Forum participants, who are expected to outnumber the 200+ delegates and sponsors that attended last year’s event.”

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Next national user group date announced

The next PCS national user group will be held at Silverlink’s head office in Newcastle on Thursday 19th March 2015, and the sub-groups for Maternity, Bed Management and Community will be held a day earlier on Wednesday 18th March.

In attendance will be the user representatives from all the sites that are using Silverlink’s PCS to discuss any issues relating to the product or general NHS procedures and how they can adapt to them.

Silverlink’s user group meets every six months to ensure the most practical upgrades, future developments and performance enhancements are enforced. The previous user group took place on 18th September 2014 with attendees from 12 different Trusts.


CaptureSuite products now listed on G-Cloud 6 framework

February 2, 2015 – Today the CaptureStroke products, encompassing Stroke, Therapy, TIA and Research have formally been listed on the government’s G-Cloud 6 Framework, or Digital Marketplace. Listing on the platform will make the procurement of Silverlink’s Capture solutions easier and more straight forward for organisations in the public sector and in particular, healthcare providers.

The Digital Marketplace is free to use as a public sector body, including NHS healthcare providers, and offers an online catalogue that includes over 1,852 suppliers and more than 19,000 services across all types of cloud service models, including Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). G-Cloud is unique in that it allows organisations to pay for services as they are used, rather than being tied to inflexible, long-term contracts.

Regarding the listing, Capture Products Manager, Rob Dixon, said: “We are delighted that Silverlink is now  able to offer the CaptureStroke products through the government’s Digital Marketplace. We look forward to engaging with public sector healthcare providers, including NHS organisations, who are now be able to review and purchase the CaptureStroke products via another exciting new platform.”

Silverlink Managing Director, Tim Quainton said: “The listing on G-Cloud serves to further reinforce our commitment to working with public health service providers to deliver an essential service that meets their individual requirements through a wide variety of channels.”

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NHS Mental Health Trusts are going paperless and mobile to deliver services whenever and wherever they’re needed

Jonathan Mills from Evoluu describes how a scalable, configurable and portable mental health solution can be the foundation of a paper-free approach to ensuring quality of care on a wide-spread frontline.

The need to modernise and develop mental health services to become a more outcomes driven and evidence-based environment is essential if services are to be fit-for-purpose. However, mental health has a unique set of complexities due to the legal issues which surround vulnerable patients and the need to provide services out in the community.

Because of this specialist nature, it’s even more unrealistic for mental health professionals to be constrained to paper or even desktop-based tools. Mental health is a speciality that needs to be delivered in a variety of locations, from communities to prisons, with access to a wide range of data, and to be available, captured and monitored in real-time.

Escalating demands on NHS mental health services at a time of increased funding constraints has drastically heightened the burden on health services across the country – directly increasing the demand for solutions which can improve clinical efficiency and reduce costs simultaneously. Silverlink has put over 15 years of experience into the development of their specialist Mental Health solutions, including psychiatry with the recent addition of the CapturePsychiatry mental health liaison module. These solutions cater to underpinning the whole spectrum of mental health and psychiatric care.

Silverlink’s collaboration with clinicians and users at Trusts such as Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT), means their solution is the only one in today’s market which has been specially developed to support mental health as it’s meant to be delivered: providing end-to-end support for the whole administrative cycle to create efficient and integrated workflows. “Silverlink offers a fully integrated Mental Health system that ticks all the boxes,” said Carolyn Holmes, Clinical Systems Developer Manager at LPFT.

Keeping in step with regulatory adherence

Mental health systems not only need to comply with NHS regulations and the current Mental Health Act, but also need to ensure that the complete range of assessments and information is available in all settings where mental health services are being delivered to ensure that crucial information doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Silverlink’s Mental Health solution has been recognised as the best solution in the market in terms of complying with the Mental Health Act’s requirements. The solution fully supports all the rules and provisions set out in the Act to enable mental health administrators to effectively manage patients in a multitude of settings.

The solution supports all aspects of the Electronic Care Approach Program Module (eCPAm); Payment by Results; Clinical Clustering; and Mental Health Datasets, including MHLDDS and CDS. The solution also offers a full set of assessments for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) and Child and Adolescent IAPT datasets (CAMHS-IAPT).

Mobile capabilities for a paperless foundation

In the push for the NHS to go paperless by 2018, it’s key for facilities to move their paper-based documentation into an electronic format as soon as possible. Silverlink’s Mental Health solution has more than 100 specialist assessments available and allows the assessments to be carried out via a desktop or mobile/tablet app, and soon via a web browser too.

According to LPFT, Silverlink is helping them to realise their strategic objective of becoming paper-free by “providing a solution that is making our goal a reality.”  The solution is used to capture patient and clinical information from across all 80+ LPFT operational locations, to a central system that facilitates in the administration of the Trust’s patients.

To cater for the specific needs of remote mental health clinics and staff which provide community-based care, Silverlink’s mobile applications, which include mental health as well as acute and community PAS, offer offline-working functionality to allow users to carry out electronic assessments and patient treatment plans on the mobile device even when in locations with poor connectivity or infrastructure; doing away with any reliance on paper and the inconvenience of duplicate working. The data is then automatically synchronised with the organisation’s central Mental Health database once a connection is re-established.

Information can also be fed in and read remotely creating a more fluid and enhanced working environment. A direct feed from the database allows real-time reporting and dashboards for clinicians or service managers. These paperless assessments combined with powerful informatics tools are enabling mental health facilities to more effectively identify and evaluate the treatment outcomes to ensure faster, safer and more cost-effective patient-centred care.

Structured development

Silverlink’s Mental Health solution is being continuously developed in collaboration with frontline users to make it a smarter user experience and, as a result, is becoming a resource that is indispensable to mental health facilities in the paperless age.

Fore more information:

T: 0191 280 4322



Silverlink’s CaptureSuite team moves to head office

Silverlink has kicked off the New Year on a positive note by welcoming the Capture Suite team, who now join their PCS colleagues, at Silverlink’s head office in the Cobalt Business Exchange.

The move follows Silverlink’s expansion of their product offering in July 2014 with the addition of the innovative Capture Suite and CancerPlan products.

Commenting on the move, Managing Director of Silverlink, Tim Quainton, said: “The move indicates our commitment to becoming a more united workforce dedicated to further strengthening Silverlink’s portfolio of modular and best-of-breed healthcare IT solutions.”

Capture Products Manager, Rob Dixon, noted that: “The move finalises the integration of the Digital Spark team into the wider Silverlink organisation. Bringing everyone together under one roof will faciliate improved cross team working and knowledge sharing as we look to bring some exciting new features and products to market in the year ahead. We are all dedicated to ensuring our customer base continues to receive the best products, service and support in 2015 and beyond.”

Silverlink showcases CaptureStroke at UKSF

Silverlink will be showcasing CaptureStroke, their intelligent data collection and care performance monitoring solution for stroke care pathways, at the UK Stroke Forum (UKSF) Conference between 2-4 December in Harrogate.

The UKSF Conference is the largest multidisciplinary stroke event in the UK, attracting over 1300 delegates from across the stroke care pathway, from physicians to stroke programme managers and representatives from the Government and the private sector. During the conference a variety of multidisciplinary parallel sessions and workshops showcasing the latest developments in research and stroke care will take place involving a broad range of quality national and international speakers.

Silverlink is a leading Patient Administration Systems (PAS) provider for the NHS with almost 20 years of domain knowledge and development experience. In July Silverlink expanded their product offering by acquiring the IPR of health software developer Digital Spark Ltd, including the market leading CaptureStroke.

CaptureStroke offers specialist, best-of-breed modules that are perfectly suited for multi-disciplinary use – allowing Trusts the freedom to tailor the solution to their local requirements. Developed in close collaboration with clinicians, the solution provides real-time performance and key-care intervention notifications whilst allowing configurable reporting and data presentation capabilities. Available on desktop or mobile, CaptureStroke supports point of care data collection to deliver valuable real time insights.

On attending the event, Director of Silverlink, Tim Quainton, said: “We are very excited about demonstrating our robust CaptureStroke solution to attendees, as Trusts across the country have already implemented and used the solution with great success in terms of streamlining and digitising their stroke care pathways, achieving targets and monitoring their performance.”

CaptureStroke Product Manager, Rob Dixon, noted that “CaptureStroke has been implemented in multiple hospitals, right across the country, all of which have recognised that CaptureStroke’s interoperable end-to-end capabilities for the stroke care pathway has drastically improved care and delivered measurable benefits whilst asisting trusts to move to paperless working.”

Silverlink will be one of the over 60 exhibition and charity stands at the conference and invite attendees visit their stand H96.

CancerPlan featured in NHE Magazine

Silverlink’s comprehensive management system, CancerPlan, was recently featured in a National Health Executive (NHE) Magazine article that focused on how such a robust and specialist solution could provide support across all cancer care specialities due to its specific data collection capabilities, interoperable functionalities and adherence to target requirements.

“If services are going to be able to deliver above and beyond the current KPIs to meet these ever more demanding targets – from referral and results waiting times to a paperless NHS by 2018 – cancer organisations and clinical teams will need support from robust and specialist software to manage the expansion in information about patients and treatment that will follow.

These systems will need to be carefully tailored to focus on three key aspects: a) capturing multi-disciplinary information from initial diagnosis right through to treatment and follow-up in an intuitive manner; b) providing clinicians and managers with instant access to patient dashboards and analytics at multiple levels of granularity in order to make better informed medical decisions; and c) measuring impact on patients’ experiences and outcomes as well as adherence to NHS guidelines to ensure progress can be monitored and best practice is followed. “

To read the full article, you can download the PDF here.

The article was originally published in NHE Magazine, Volume 8, No. 4. Nov/Dec 2014.

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CaptureRACPC presented at Cardiac Services Conference

Consultant Cardiologist and Clinical Lead for National Rapid Access Chest Pain (RACP), Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust, Dr Iftikhar Ul Haq, recently talked about the benefits of using Silverlink’s CaptureRACPC system during the Cardiac Services Conference.

The second national conference took place on Thursday 6th November in London and focused on the development of leading-edge services and rehabilitation. Cardiac professionals from all over the UK were in attendance.

During Dr Haq’s presentation he described how his Newcastle clinic is piloting CaptureRACPC and its associated benefits, including quick and easy access to data and improved communication in the form of referral letters. After the presentation Dr Haq carried out a short demonstration of the system to the 70 + delegates to illustrate how it could effectively be rolled out as a national registry in the future.

Dr Haq’s full presentation can be downloaded here.

CaptureStroke featured in NHE Magazine

Silverlink’s premier stoke care solution, CaptureStroke, was recently featured in a National Health Executive (NHE) Magazine article about how Trusts across the country have effectively implemented the solution to streamline and digitise their stroke care pathways, achieve targets and monitor performance, while simultaneously cutting down on admin costs and ensuring patient safety and data security.

“In 3 short years since it was first released, CaptureStroke has been implemented at over 50 hospitals across the country. Trusts from Newcastle upon Tyne to Cornwall have recognised that CaptureStroke’s interoperable capabilities and end-to-end support for the stroke care pathway not only provides tools to capture and manage information, but also to improve care and deliver measurable benefits.

Crucial to CaptureStroke’s success has been its ability to help Trusts meet key targets. Whether it’s taking another step towards paperless care or ensuring SSNAP targets and local standards are met (for Best Practice Tariffs), a typical Acute Trust can achieve a return on their investment in CaptureStroke in under 12 months by managing as little as a 5% improvement in their target attainment with the solution.”

To read the full article, you can download the PDF here.

The article was originally published in NHE Magazine, Sep/Oct 2014 vol 8 no 3.

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UK Stroke Forum Conference

Silverlink is exhibiting at UKSF 2014 in Harrogate from 2-4 December. Visit us on stand H96 where we will be showcasing our leading CaptureStroke Product Suite at the UK’s largest multidisciplinary stroke event, attracting over 1300 delegates from across the stroke care pathway.

Event highlights:

  • Training day with a choice of streams
  • A variety of multidisciplinary parallel sessions and workshops showcasing the latest developments in research and stroke care
  • A broad range of quality national and international speakers
  • An opportunity to hear stroke survivors talk about their experiences
  • Over 60 exhibition and charity stands

Download the registration form here.