Sweden tackles cancer with Silverlink and RxEye

Stockholm, Sweden – Swedish healthcare organisations, the Regional Cancercentrum Stockholm – Gotland (RCC) and Karolinska University Hospital (Karolinska) have signed a deal with RxEye, a leading cloud-based solution provider to enable diagnostic imaging networks, to roll out Silverlink Software’s Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Management (MDTM) solution, to improve outcomes in patients with colorectal cancer.

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the world, and is most prevalent in developed countries, especially those in the Nordic region. RCC together with Karolinska is one of six regional cancer centres that provide clinical guidelines, healthcare processes, best practice and drug regime information to improve cancer care in accordance with the country’s National Cancer Strategy.

Karolinska are using Silverlink’s MDTM solution as a component RxEye’s Cloud Platform to enable the exchange of patient information and collaboration between multidisciplinary teams in real-time and from any location. In an effort to continue to improve and streamline the colorectal cancer pathway, the organisations collectively sought out a solution that facilitated point-of-care data insights and ensure that key clinical information was captured from initial diagnosis through to treatment and follow up.

“MDTM is a crucial clinical component in delivering cancer care because it contains a single view of all the clinical information necessary to create individual treatment plans for the patient. The Silverlink solution delivered as part of the RxEye Collaboration platform will enable the region to conduct more effective MDTMs and improve patient outcomes,” said Dr Christina Kling-Hassler, Senior Advisor and Programme Manager at Regionalt Cancercentrum Stockholm-Gotland.

Silverlink’s MDTM solution is a module of the wider CancerPlan product, a complete data capturing and patient monitoring system that has a proven track record of improving the diagnosis, treatment and follow up screening of patients throughout the UK. MDTM provides clinicians with a comprehensive overview of individual patients, thereby improving communication, decision making and patient centred care.

There are plans to extend the products capabilities and implement it in additional sites in Sweden in the Nordic countries over the coming months.

“We are excited about the collaboration with Silverlink to dramatically improve cancer outcomes in the country,” said RxEye Operations Director, Magnus Hök. “RxEye’s solution is designed to facilitate communication between all the clinicians involved in delivering cancer treatment, we’re very pleased to extend that offering to empower and enable clinically relevant, data based, collaborative decision making.”

In conjunction with the role out of the MDTM management solution to optimise and streamline the colorectal cancer pathway at additional sites, the organisations have collectively begun identifying use of the solution to encompass multiple tumour types across treatment centres throughout the Nordic region.

“This collaboration is the start of true connected care in the region and we’re glad to be a part of the transformation. We’re confident that we can demonstrate how accessible, intelligent data can improve cancer treatment for the patient and the care team simultaneously,” said Silverlink’s CancerPlan Product Manager, Rob Dixon.


About Silverlink

Silverlink has over 20 years of development experience dealing with the NHS, which gives them a deep understanding of its processes and requirements allowing them to promptly offer practical solutions to new initiatives. There is also continuous investment in their product development to meet the needs of the UK market and the NHS while improving existing functionality.

About RCC

RCC is organising cancer care on a regional level to achieve the objectives set out in the National Cancer Strategy and offers support and acts as a centre of knowledge, resource and advice for health care providers.

For more information, visit: www.cancercentrum.se/samverkan

About Karolinska

Karolinska is one of the largest University hospitals in Europe providing highly rated cancer care internationally and nationally in Sweden.

For more information, visit: www.karolinska.se

About RxEye

RxEye provides a state-of-the-art web-based collaboration platform, which enables healthcare professionals and diagnostic specialists to work together in diagnostic imaging networks, virtually and in real-time.

For more information, visit: rxeye.com

CaptureStroke streamlines stroke care in the East of England

Silverlink’s CaptureStroke is the data collection and care performance monitoring solution of choice for the majority of East of England stroke NHS Trusts. The solution is live at a number of sites across the region and has become an integral tool for clinicians to make informed decisions and give service managers a comprehensive understanding of the care that’s being delivered.

The heightened focus on stroke care is propelled by an increase in stroke cases around the country. According to the UK Stroke Association: stroke is the fourth single largest cause of death in the UK; occurring approximately 152,000 times a year. There are currently around 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK, half of which have a disability.

Silverlink’s suite of products for stroke care – CaptureStroke, CaptureTIA and CaptureTherapy – supports point-of-care data collection and notifies clinicians of performance and key-care interventions in real-time to deliver valuable insights that improve the quality of stroke, reduce recovery times and improve the patient experience.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) have recognised the benefits of using CaptureStroke given CaptureStroke’s ability to generate high-quality and insightful data beyond the minimum audit requirements. Trusts can use this information to transform stroke care services and deliver more coordinated, sustainable and patient-centred stroke care.

CaptureStroke enables Trusts to manage the increasingly high volume of patients on the full stroke care pathway by allowing clinicians to find out what’s happening with a patient from the moment they are picked up by ambulance to when they complete their rehabilitation in the community. Clinicians can view progress, generate real-time dashboards and reports, as and when they require them – all from one place.

CaptureStroke is also supporting service managers by ensuring that every discipline across the stroke care pathway has entered their relevant SSNAP data and is achieving their care targets. Managers can review service configuration and monitor outcomes to affect positive change.

“Our customers in the East of England are using CaptureStroke to deliver best-practice and improved outcomes. Ultimately, it’s helping to increase the chances of survival and recovery for patients who have suffered from a serious illness,” said Silverlink Capture Products Manager, Rob Dixon.

“Having a real-time, digital history for the patient also reduces reliance on paper notes which can cause delays and is prone to error. We’re focussed on supporting those on the ground by providing them the high-quality tools they need whilst increasing the security and accuracy of patient data,” continued Rob.

CaptureStroke also enables data collection at the point of care and has specialist modules designed to be used by multi-disciplinary teams across the pathway. The solution is fully ITK accredited meaning that is seamlessly integrates with other authoritative Trust systems and automatically collates data to satisfy the requirements of multiple stroke audits including: SSNAP, SITS, ASI, and AQuA.

For more information about how Silverlink’s CaptureStroke solution can benefit your Trust, Contact us here.

About Silverlink

Silverlink has over 20 years of development experience dealing with the NHS, which gives them a deep understanding of its processes and requirements allowing them to promptly offer practical solutions to new initiatives. There is also continuous investment in their product development to meet the needs of the UK market and the NHS while improving existing functionality.

Silverlink to showcase CaptureStroke at UKSF 2015

Silverlink Software will be demonstrating its intelligent data collection and care performance monitoring solution, CaptureStroke, at the UK Stroke Forum Conference (UKSF) between 1 and 3 December at ACC Liverpool. Come visit us at exhibition stand A2 to see firsthand how our mobile, paperless patient monitoring solution can transform your workflow and provide clinical insights beyond data capturing for regulatory requirements.

2015 marks UKSF’s 10th anniversary bringing together stoke care professionals from across the care pathway to discuss the latest research and service developments in the field. This year’s event is expected to attract 1,300 attendees and will include practical workshops, conference sessions and over 60 exhibition stands showcasing new innovations and industry developments.

Silverlink’s dedicated product team will demonstrate how CaptureStroke can help to streamline data capture, facilitate paperless working and provide real-time access to quality and reporting information across the entire stroke care pathway. The software is in use at numerous NHS hospital sites across England and has been proven to save both time and money while improving the quality of stroke care delivery.

Capture Product Manager at Silverlink, Rob Dixon, noted: “We’re looking forward to attending UKSF again this year to showcase how Trusts can use CaptureStroke to streamline their stroke care pathways towards best-practice and improved patient outcomes. “

Further details about the conference can be found here.

Read how the Walton Centre is using Silverlink’s PCS PAS System to support excellence in neuroscience

The Walton Centre is the only specialist neurosciences NHS Trust in the UK that offers a world-class service in diagnosing and treating disorders affecting the brain, spine, peripheral nerves and muscles. The Trust also helps people suffering from long term neurological conditions.

Our new Walton Centre case study demonstrates how Silverlink’s comprehensive PCS PAS solution has allowed the Trust to develop clinical applications and modules that best support their neurosciences speciality. The Trust also actively participates in Silverlink’s national user group, where they are able to engage with Silverlink to discuss upgrades, future developments and system performance.

You can read the full Walton Centre case study PDF here, and can also find out how our other customers are using our PCS and Capture Suite products to enhance their Trust’s performance in the Customers section of our website.

See Silverlink’s CaptureStroke at the BASP Masterclass in York

Silverlink Software are delighted to be attending the British Association of Stroke Physicians (BASP) Masterclass on Friday 16th October at the Royal York Hotel, York.

Our market leading CaptureStroke software will be showcased throughout the event to demonstrate how the system goes beyond basic SSNAP retrospective reporting to provide real-time analytics and an at-a-glance understanding of the patient’s status and stroke service performance throughout the pathway.

The masterclass features content on topics including Intra-arterial Reperfusion, Thrombectomy techniques and illustrative cases that influence IV treatment. Attendance is free.

Silverlink’s Product Manager, Rob Dixon, will be at the event: “We are delighted to be at the BASP Masterclass event again this year to showcase the many new CaptureStroke features and enhancements, highlighting the ongoing improvement and investment in the product by Silverlink. Our software has been proven to help clinicians improve reporting of the fantastic work they do and helps Trusts move towards paperless working. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone at the event.”

CaptureStroke continues to be developed with an exciting roadmap of new functionality, including integration with the Ambulance Service, per patient condition monitoring, enhanced data reporting and dashboarding capabilities and Orders and Results processing. The software has recently been installed in several new sites across England who are already starting to see improvements in their Stroke data reporting.

Further details about the conference are available here.

See CancerPlan in action at the ABS Conference & AGM

CancerPlan, Silverlink’s intuitive data collection software for cancer patients, will be showcased at the Association of Breast Surgery (ABS) Conference & AGM this June.

The Bournemouth International Centre will be the setting for the two-day event on 15th-16th June, which will encourage research and the implementation of new treatments including the use of technology to help develop better methods for training, service delivery, data collection and patient care.

The conference is seen as an important networking and fact finding event with more than 1,200 members responsible for the treatment of patients who develop breast cancer in the UK and Ireland in attendance. CancerPlan will be showcased to demonstrate the benefits of recording all patient data in one clinical management system to empower clinicians and simplify the administration of treatment in all cancer pathways.

Silverlink’s Managing Director, Tim Quainton, said that CancerPlan has the potential to transform current methods of data collection not only in the UK but across the world. “We’ve worked in collaboration with clinicians and cancer specialists to design our CancerPlan software which gives them the functionality that they need. By capturing data throughout the patient’s entire journey in one system, CancerPlan will deliver significant efficiency improvements resulting in an enhanced experience for clinicians and patients.”

For details on CancerPlan, please visit www.cancerplan.co.uk.

Further information on the ABS Conference & AGM can be found here.

Silverlink to attend the NETS Share and Spread Conference

The North East Transformation System (NETS) Share and Spread Conference is being held on Friday 12th June at Ramside Hall, near Durham. This annual event focuses on how to change and improve processes within the NHS and is open to anyone working on healthcare transformation and quality improvement in the North of England.

Supported by The Health Foundation and now in its fourth year, the day is set to generate a lot of interesting discussion and the Silverlink team are looking forward to attending. Silverlink will be showcasing their Capture Suite of software at the event, which can streamline the approach to data collection and care delivery, whilst also saving time, making cost efficiencies and improving target results.

Our new intelligent clinical management product, CancerPlan, will also be available for a test drive, demonstrating how going paperless in a cancer care environment will deliver significant efficiency improvements and reduce duplication of data entry.

Silverlink’s Commercial Manager, Elizabeth Hobson, attended the conference last year and is looking forward to a return visit. “Last year’s event was attended by pioneers working within the NHS in our region. The content of the seminars highlighted to me some of the challenges that these individuals face when trying to introduce new processes, solutions and technologies. This has informed some of the enhancements we have made to our software products and our approach to promoting our applications to the NHS over the last 12 months. I am keen to see what the hot topics at this year’s event will be.”

Delegates have the opportunity to submit abstracts for posters ahead of this year’s conference and an awards ceremony will take place at the end of the day to recognise the most innovative ideas and designs. This will provide an exciting and unique chance to network with influential NHS decision-makers and for delegates to learn from colleagues and counterparts working at other hospital sites across the North East.

More information on the conference can be found here.

Read more about our CaptureSuite at: www.capturestroke.com and CancerPlan at: www.cancerplan.co.uk.

Silverlink to attend Northern Ireland Stroke Conference

Silverlink Software will be attending the Northern Ireland Stroke Conference on Wednesday 20th May at La Mon Hotel and Country Club in Castlereagh, Belfast.

Hosted by the Stroke Association in partnership with NIMAST (Northern Ireland Multidisciplinary Association for Stroke Teams), the event programme includes a variety of sessions showcasing the latest development in research and stroke care. In addition, expert speakers from NI and across the UK will be in attendance accompanied by a large exhibition with the latest industry developments and innovations.

Silverlink’s dedicated product team will be at exhibition Stand 13 to demonstrate how CaptureStroke can help to streamline the recording of data, move towards paperless working and facilitate realtime access to data and reporting across the entire Stroke care pathway. The software is already used in several NHS hospital sites across England and has been proven to save both time and money, with the system paying for itself within a one year.

Capture Product Manager, Rob Dixon, said: “We are excited about being part of the NI Stroke Conference again this year and look forward to being able to demonstrate just how powerful our CaptureStroke solution is. It is a big learning experience for all attendees, ourselves included, understanding the current data collection and reporting challenges healthcare professionals face and showcasing how our software solutions can help them overcome these.”

Further details about the conference can be found here.

Silverlink will be ‘Joining Forces’ at South West Stroke Event

Silverlink will be attending Joining Forces 2015, the annual South West Stroke Event, on Wednesday 29th April 2015.

Held at the Sandy Park Conference Centre in Exeter, the day is tailored to clinicians and healthcare professionals in the South West of England, providing delegates with the opportunity to share best practice and research. Around 300 delegates are expected to attend the event.

The programme for the day features talks from key speakers covering topics including Dementia, Rehabilitation and Palliative Care. The use of new technology methods and applications will also be discussed, with Dr Katja Adie from the Royal Cornwall Hospital talking about The Trial of The Nintendo Wii in Stroke, to assist patients during their recovery process.

Tom Gamble, one of Silverlink’s Training and Support Executives, will be attending the event along with Tim Quainton, Silverlinks Managing Director, to showcase the latest developments in our Capture Suite of software.

“We’re really excited to be attending the Joining Forces event for the first time. We have worked closely with the Royal Cornwall Hospital over the last year, since their implementation of CaptureStroke, and we are looking forward to them presenting their poster detailing our collaboration story. We are also looking forward to meeting staff from other hospital sites in the South West and gaining an understanding of how we might be able to help improve their stroke data collection and real-time service management reporting as we have with Royal Cornwall,’’ said Tom.

Registration for the event is still available and more details can be found here.

To read more about CaptureStroke and Silverlink’s Capture Suite of software solutions, please visit www.capturestroke.com.


Silverlink sponsors LPFT annual recognition award

On 5th March 2015 the Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s (LPFT) annual recognition awards were held at The Doubletree by Hilton in Lincoln, of which nearly 200 staff and volunteers were nominated by colleagues, patients, carers, charitable partners and the public.

Of the 12 award categories based around the Trust’s core values and services, Silverlink sponsored the General Adult Services Employee of the Year category. On the awards, Mental Health Product Manager at Silverlink, Ana Guimaraes, said: “Silverlink’s sponsorship of the awards represents our recognition of the successful partnership between LPFT and ourselves in developing our mental health product. LPFT is one of our main partners and has been instrumental in helping to shape our solution into an efficient and functional product that can support the delivery of safe and timely care.”

Silverlink would like to congratulate Susan Bole on winning the award for going beyond the call of duty in her work as a dedicated and helpful member of the Trust’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), where she continuously puts the client first and does all she can to support them.

For more information about the awards, click here.