CaptureStroke announces its first user group meeting and appoints a Chair 

On Thursday 9thMay the first user group for CaptureStroke, the market leading stroke clinical pathway software was held in the prestigious Kings Find conference centre, 11 Cavendish Square, London.

70% of CaptureStroke users were represented at the group which included representation from the Stroke Association. The group were given a verbal update from the SSNAP team who sent their apologies and voted Richard Bartlett from The Royal Cornwall NHS Trust as its first Chair.

The group is planning to meet twice a year.

The aims of the group are to bring together a CaptureStroke users led forum which works with Silverlink to continue to develop the software in line with users’ needs and continues to support best practice stroke care delivery right across the pathway.

The group welcomed new Trusts to the CaptureStroke community and were informed that a number of other new Trusts will be starting to implement the software over the next few months.

If any current CaptureStroke users wish to join the group, please contact

Liverpool Heart And Chest Hospital Go-live with Silverlink’s Graphical Bed Management System

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital have recently implemented a leading-edge Bed Management system provided by Silverlink Software.  The hospital is a specialist hospital with 187 beds and has a reputation for delivering outstanding patient care.


The new system allows beds to be managed using intuitive touch screens which have replaced numerous whiteboards spread around the hospital.  It enables staff to create a graphical representation of their ward and then allocate and move patients between beds using a ‘drag and drop’ system. The system also manages pending arrivals, booked beds and cleaning status.


All this new functionality is fully integrated with the core Silverlink PCS Patient Administration System (PAS) which means that all relevant individuals in the hospital have real-time information regarding bed availability.  This has greatly reduced the amount of time nursing staff have to spend updating administrative records and frees them up to focus on delivering an exceptional patient experience.


This provision of real-time bed management information throughout the hospital has enabled improved occupancy rates and reduced the amount of time patients have to wait to be admitted to a ward.  The system also helps deliver better results.  For example, it provides a colour-coded warning if it detects an imminent breach of an estimated discharge date.  The system also assists in assuring that beds are allocated to those patients with the greatest need.


Despite only being recently installed, the system helped the Trust receive impressive comments during a recent unplanned review by an external assessor.  Innovations such as this are the reason Liverpool Heart and Chest have been rated third in Cheshire and Merseyside for digital maturity, was the first specialist trust in the country to be rated “Outstanding” by the Care Quality Commission in 2016. Furthermore, LHCH was also rated top in the country for ‘overall patient experience’ in the Care Quality Commission’s National Inpatient Survey 2018, which is the ninth time LHCH has earned this distinction in the last 12 years.


The system was developed using the latest graphical technologies.  It is part of a strategy by Silverlink to invest substantially in its PAS to provide market-leading functionality to support specific clinical areas while still delivering the best administrative system currently available in the UK.  The successful implementation of bed management follows on from the recent introduction of a new A&E module which enables browser-based access in the ward. The next major investment will allow patients to book out-patient appointments using an app on their smartphone.


Carol Moss (Systems Manager) at the hospital said ‘The new bed management system from Silverlink has enabled us to improve patient care by releasing Nursing staffs time to spend with their patients rather than on administrative tasks. The introduction of touch screens to access the Bed Management system has greatly reduced the time it takes to transfer and discharge patients. Normally when we put in new technology, it takes some time to become accepted, however, this system has helped us deliver better results pretty much from day one ‘.


Claire Harvey (Ward Manager) at the hospital commented “we love the system, initially we didn’t think any electronic system could replace our old whiteboard, but since the deployment of the system we have stopped using our whiteboard. The Bed Management system is saving us time, clearly shows patients location and using the icons helps to support patient care.”


Tim Quainton, MD of Silverlink Software said ‘our primary purpose is to help NHS Trusts deliver better care for less cost.  We are delighted with the way this initiative has helped Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. We are looking forward to implementing it at our 12 other PCS customers in the UK.  We also have some equally exciting developments in the pipeline.  Watch this space.’


About Liverpool Heart and Chest: Liverpool Heart and Chest provide specialist services in cardiothoracic surgery, cardiology, respiratory medicine including adult cystic fibrosis and diagnostic imaging both in the hospital and out in the community to a catchment area of 2.8 million people in the North West.


About Silverlink Software: Silverlink Software is a specialist organization focused solely on providing class-leading application software to the NHS.  Their core product is the PCS Patient Administration System which is installed at 13 Trusts and administers 15.5 million patient records.

SSNAP Audit Performance figures to June 2018

The image below shows the effect that CaptureStroke is having across seven sites.  The figures speak for themselves.

If you’d like to discuss implementing CaptureStroke, contact us here


Last Thursday a friend of mine had a stroke

Last Thursday a friend of mine had a major stroke at work. Whilst she has other health problems, as a female in her 40’s it was totally unexpected and left all her friends shocked, reeling and concerned.

As she was at work in a different county than she lives in, when she arrived at the local hospital, after assessment she was blue lighted to a major tertiary centre as per their local stroke pathway and underwent an emergency medical thrombectomy.  She had a dense stroke, which affected her speech, her ability to stand and the use of her left side.

24 hours post stroke and procedure, when her friends visited she was able to speak, stand with help and was her usual Strictly Dancing fanatical self!

At 72 hours post stroke she was transferred back to her local hospital, where she would have been admitted to if she had not been at work, she is now starting her rehabilitation with a view to being discharged back into the community shortly.

A friend having a Stroke just makes me more determined to offer our proven stroke care enhancing software to more Acute Trusts.

This is for two reasons, firstly the tertiary centre has a SSNAP banding of A and her local NHS Trust is a D. There may be a range of reasons for this poorer performance but we can offer a tool called  CaptureStroke to support Stroke teams to being able to improve their stroke care even when they do not offer Medical Thrombectomy but they are resistant to implement a digital solution to enable better performance as they have other more pressing IT needs!

Secondly with the re-configuration of stroke services, patient’s will be admitted to one NHS Trust and then continue their care in another, a hub and spoke type care pathway model.

Without a Digital Stroke pathway tool, a patient’s Stroke interventions will not be captured in one place but instead on several different EHR and PAS systems meaning that that there will not be one version of truth or complete record of the stroke interventions they have received at every stage of the pathway. Again, this is where CaptureStroke comes into its own. It complements and enhances current EHR and PAS systems as well as supporting the collection of accurate and timely SSNAP data.

As cloud based, stroke specific software, irrespective of where the patient’s stroke interventions take place (from the ambulance, acute care and community) they can be captured in one digital record in real time.

CaptureStroke is also able to offer regional stroke dashboards (provided that all the Acute Hospitals in the STP have adopted CaptureStroke) so there is the ability to see an STP wide view of stroke services and any variant in patient care. To find out how to implement CaptureStroke or for more information click here.

I’m so delighted my friend is starting her rehab and she was in the best place to receive the care that enabled it.

Note: Some details have been changed to ensure patient confidentiality, but the stroke details, care and timings are true.



Webinar: How CaptureStroke enabled Royal Cornwall NHS Trust to increase the quality and safety of Stroke care, saved lives and delivered cashable ROI – Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust Case Study

Webinar: How CaptureStroke enabled Royal Cornwall NHS Trust to increase the quality and safety of Stroke care, saved lives and delivered cashable ROI – Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust Case Study

The CaptureStroke webinar will outline what Silverlink’s CaptureStroke software USP’s are and how by implementing at The Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust their Stroke care has improved.

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (RCHT) Stroke team was looking for an interoperable, resilient, real-time and flexible Stroke specific digital pathway solution that could be used by clinical and audit teams to monitor and enhance individual patient care promptly and safely whilst improving and refining the Stroke pathway performance.

CaptureStroke delivers greater visibility of patient care at every point of the Stroke pathway; real-time at the bed-side alerts and dashboards, user defined reports, whole Stroke service overviews irrespective of the patient’s location within the hospital and highlights targets that are being missed and why. It enables easy to upload to SSNAP for national reporting.

RCHT implemented CaptureStroke as it offers mobile, real-time feedback, easy to use dashboards and detailed Trust wide Stroke performance reporting. This means that Stroke care teams can efficiently streamline their integrated workflows and improve the outcome for patients across the whole Stroke pathway, both in Hyper-acute Stroke Units and follow on Stroke services

CaptureStroke integrates with, and compliments, existing Trust systems i.e PAS, EPR etc. and is designed in conjunction with clinicians to be compliant with the NHS RightCare Stroke and Best Practice pathways as well as multiple Stroke audit requirements.

The benefits achieved by implementing CaptureStroke are that it has improved audit compliance and patient care; supported pathway improvement, has saved clinician time and increased their awareness of Stroke specific care.



Angela Single, CCIO and Business Development Director, CaptureStroke – Silverlink software

Jacqui Fahey, Product Manager CaptureStroke – Silverlink software

Ally James, Former Stroke Nurse Consultant Cornwall NHS Hospital Trust – Silverlink software

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Excellence in Stroke Care – Free Conference

2018 Excellent Stroke Care Event to be hosted by former Chairman of NHS Digital

Every year more than 100,000 Strokes are recorded in the UK. Through effective and speedy intervention, lives can be saved and quality of life enhanced.

  •  The Excellence in Stroke Care Event, sponsored by CaptureStroke from Silverlink Software, is a specific event dedicated to promoting Excellence in Stroke Care 
  • Held on October 4th at The Kings Fund in London, this year’s will be chaired by former Chair of NHS Digital, Kingsley Manning. The event, which consists of presentations from UK experts at the forefront of stroke care and research, is the ideal platform for researchers, clinicians and Stroke teams to connect, share best practice and learn from leading Stroke experts 
  • Sponsor Silverlink is the company behind CaptureStroke, the market leading and NHS approved software which improves real-time decision making and clinical performance in stroke care. 
  • Attendance is free for all practising Stroke clinicians and Stroke teams. 

Registration for the event can be made by emailing; or calling 0191 280 4655. 

CaptureStroke and CaptureFertility listed on the G-Cloud 10 Framework

Silverlink Software is delighted to announce that their CaptureStroke and CaptureFertility clinical pathway solutions have been successfully listed on the Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 10 Framework, via the Digital Marketplace platform

Being listed on the Digital Marketplace will make the procurement of both solutions simpler and quicker for healthcare providers.

G-Cloud 10 is a framework for cloud-based solutions, through which suppliers can procure preconfigured packages of software with all the professional services and technical support included. The Digital Marketplace is free to use for public sector bodies, including NHS healthcare providers.

CaptureStroke is Silverlink’s marketing leading clinical Stroke pathway solution which enables best of breed stroke service delivery. CaptureStroke provides  Trusts with full ownership of their data and real-time analytics to understand and measure performance throughout the stroke care pathway. Designed in close collaboration with clinicians, CaptureStroke offers users intuitive workflows and  facilitates paperless and mobile working, leading to better patient outcomes and proven return on investment, efficiency savings and improved SSNAP audit performance.

CaptureFertility is Silverlink’s a next generation point-of-care, paperless data capture solution that has been developed in close collaboration with world renowned fertility specialists. CaptureFertility delivers powerful real-time insights to improve the efficiency of fertility treatment while meeting all HFEA regulatory requirements. CaptureFertility offers an intuitive, intelligent data solution, available on mobile devices, reducing duplication of data entry and increasing service efficiency.

Regarding the new listing, Business Development Director Angela Single, said: “We are delighted that Silverlink’s Capture solutions are now listed on the G-Cloud 10 marketplace. The new listing will make the procurement of our innovative solutions even more accessible to healthcare providers and help them realise the benefits of efficiency and cost-savings that our solutions offer.”

Silverlink awarded OHSAS 18001 Certification

Silverlink Software, one of the leading solution providers to the NHS, has been awarded OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification.

Silverlink is the fourth largest PAS provider to the NHS in England and also provides its specialist pathway specific CaptureStroke and CaptureFertility solutions across the UK.

The internationally applied British standard sets out requirements of good health and safety practices within the workplace and requires organisations to  identify and  comply with all  relevant workplace legal  health and safety obligations. The Standard adds to ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications already held.

Receiving OHSAS 18001 certification is a clear indication that Silverlink views their employee’s health and safety as a priority within their organisation. For example, Silverlink has a safety policy in place to protect employees against possible occupational risks and to reduce the likelihood of accidents in the workplace.

On the new OHSAS 18001 certification and its significance in improving their credibility among stakeholders, regulators and customers, Silverlink’s Finance and Quality Officer stated: “Our work towards successful and continued compliance to the standard demonstrates and reinforces the company’s commitment to workplace health and safety, for staff, subcontractors and customers.”

Silverlink currently employs 25 staff and has rolled out their PCS PAS solution at 13 Acute Trusts covering 45 hospitals in the UK. Silverlink also has a specialist clinical data suite of products, including the market leading CaptureStroke solution, which has helped trusts across the UK transform their stroke pathway with improved efficiency and patient outcomes, and their latest offering, CaptureFertility, to help leading Fertility Centres manage their clinics.

More information about OHSAS 18001 can be found here.

More information about PCS can be found here, CaptureStroke here and CaptureFertility here.

HSJ Partnership Finalists

Silverlink nominated for the HSJ Award for Innovation in Medical Technology

HSJ Partnership FinalistsToday Silverlink Software will be attending the inaugural HSJ Partnership Awards, as Silverlink’s UK market leading digital care record for the Stroke pathway, CaptureStroke, is nominated for the Best Innovation in Medical Technology award.

Along with some of our users from The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust and Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Silverlink will attend the ceremony held at Banking Hall, London, where the winners of each category will be announced.

New for 2018, the awards look to recognise, celebrate and showcase the best products and services being used by the NHS, and provide the opportunity for suppliers to be identified as leaders and innovators within healthcare.

Tom Crosthwaite, Customer Development Consultant, said: “The whole Silverlink team were delighted when our CaptureStroke solution was shortlisted for the HSJ Award for Innovation in Medical Technology. Being able to attend the ceremony alongside some of our valued customers is a great way of celebrating our nomination, but also the collaborative approach we have to the development of the CaptureStroke system, working closely with our users to create a digital care tool that is intuitive and user friendly and provides powerful real-time, data rich insights into service delivery and performance.”

“By providing our customers with a solution that proactively allows them to implement service change, and with alerts to notify users of approaching care target breaches, CaptureStroke helps our sites to increase their efficiency, better their national audit performance and most importantly, enhance outcomes for their Stroke patients.”

“We are incredibly proud that CaptureStroke has been shortlisted for Best Innovation in Medical Technology as it is an absolutely fantastic acknowledgment of the proven benefits our CaptureStroke system can deliver, and one that will hopefully be capped by hearing CaptureStroke crowned the winner!” concluded Tom.

The full shortlists in all categories can be viewed here and to learn more about CaptureStroke please head to our website

Silverlink’s MD encourages future health IT professionals

Today Silverlink’s Managing Director Tim Quainton will be attending a Speed Mentoring Day at St. Cuthbert’s Catholic High School in Newcastle to engage with pupils about the value of looking to pursue a career in the health IT industry.

The Speed Mentoring Day is an initiative of Business In The Community, a Prince of Wales charity, and includes some volunteers from  Founders4Schools, a programme that aims to inspire and prepare students for their future by connecting them with local business leaders.

Speed mentoring encounters allow business leaders to meet with students and participate in a series of short, focused conversations about specific career questions and topics, providing guidance and coaching.

St. Cuthbert’s Catholic High School is an all-boys non selective school located in Newcastle upon Tyne. Founded in 1881, the school offers a vast range of leadership and extra-curricular opportunities and is ranked amongst the highest attaining state schools in the country.

Silverlink was invited to partake in St. Cuthbert’s Speed Mentoring Day because of their invaluable experience working in the NHS over the last two decades. During the day, Tim will talk with students about his experience in this highly specialised branch of IT, the exciting career opportunities available, and how best to prepare for interviews in such a technical field.

On Silverlink’s participation, Tim noted: “I’m looking forward to attending St. Cuthbert’s Catholic High School’s Speed Mentoring Day and introducing the students to the important and highly specialised career opportunities that are available in the health IT industry. Digital tools are becoming the backbone of the NHS, so it’s essential for England’s healthcare future to have the brightest minds involved in healthcare software development.”