The Building Blocks of Interoperabilty

Silverlink’s leading solutions are designed to support best-of-breed, best-practice and mobile strategies across multiple care settings.

Silverlink has over 20 years’ experience of developing best-of-breed, modular solutions which ensure end-to-end capabilities and streamline Trusts’ performance. Silverlink’s interoperable solutions have been recognised as some of the most cost effective systems available on the UK market. Silverlink’s continuous investment in product development has led to the creation of their new mobile offering that enables compliance with NHS paper-light requirements, as well the expansion of their product offering to include an intelligent clinical capture solution.

PCS – underpinning best-of-breed

Silverlink’s PCS PAS has been specifically designed to support the development and implementation of incremental, best-of-breed EPRs. By allowing systems to share information in a context-based and meaningful way, the best-of-breed approach allows Trusts greater choice of functionality as well as the flexibility to add or replace systems and solutions at the time and pace of their choosing. This approach results in a more bespoke combination of systems and functionality that can maximise support across the organisation – particularly for complex specialities and end-users with unique needs.

Capture Suite – the foundation of stroke care

Silverlink’s Capture Suite is a comprehensive set of solutions that intelligently collect data and care performance monitoring information for the effective administration of stroke care pathways. Developed with clinician collaboration, the solution offers specialist functionality that allows Trusts the freedom to tailor the tools to their local requirements and work-flows, and ensure better outcomes. Designed to help Trusts reach CQUIN targets and the standards of multiple stroke audits, Capture Suite is ITK accredited and provides real-time data access for streamlined, efficient and integrated workflows.